Luiza Joao Jewelry

découvrez l'incroyable pouvoir de 5 pierres naturelles. 

Discover 5 natural stones with amazing powers.


This stone will help you for your digestion and will make your bones and your teeth stronger. With a favorable action on your memory and your body flows, it makes you calm, helps you to sleep well, attenuates hypersensitivity, improves discernment and strengthens the character. 

With a positive action on sore throat, allergies and neuralgic pains, this stone soothes angoises, brings serenity and improves communication.

On your physical plan, Péridot fights against skin problems, digestive dysfunction and protects the care of the contamination. But, it has also the capacity to remove the black thoughts, protects you to the negative waves and builds a better self-confidence. 

This stone relieves tension, streamlines the blood circulation and attenuates the pains due to rheumatism. She strengthens the wearer and brings perspicacity.

Agathe alleviates blood and skin problems but it protects you against lung problems. It boosts your body and ou spirit.